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                                            Ride Ratings*



Rating 1: 

Easy, flat ride, easy trails, no more than 10 miles, basically riding around the neighborhood. 


Rating 2:      

Easy  ride with some hills.  Ride distance 10-25 miles.

                                     Intermediate,   Advanced

Rating 3:    

 Harder ride.  More hills than flat, variety of easy hills and tough hills, ride distance between 25 and 30 miles.

                                             Advanced Plus

Rating 4:      

Difficult ride.  Many difficult long hills, ride distance between 30 to  40 miles

                                       Strenuous, Challenging

Rating 5:      

Most difficult of Lincoln Hills Cyclists rides.  Many long and  difficult hills, with ride  distances exceeding 50 miles or more

Most rides start and end at Kilaga.

*  Ride ratings do not take into account the average miles per hour only distance and difficulty of climbs.

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